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Home Based Services - helping you stay home as long as possible.

About Home Based Services


Many older adults prefer to stay at home as they age. The goal of home care is to help you remain at home as long as possible, rather than moving into a long–term care facility. It may be right for you if you only need minor assistance with your daily activities and enjoy a close network of nearby family and friends. There is a wide range of home care services that can help you maintain your independence within the comfort of your own home. Learn about your options, explore how to choose the right home care service provider, and find tips for discussing concerns with your loved ones.

Home Care

   Do you have an older friend or family member who is finding it more difficult to manage daily tasks in the home? Do you worry about the health and safety of a parent living alone?

   Safe at Home advocates allowing your family member to remain in their living environment, regardless if they live in their own home, an apartment home or a retirement community. If a need arises, families of seniors who choose to age in place often contact a home care service provider, hospice caregivers and work with agencies that provide durable medical equipment to help seniors remain safe in their home environment.

   There are a variety of in-home services, equipment, technology and trained staff that can help keep you or a family member safe, comfortable and cared for in a home setting These services can range from personal cares, such as bathing or shaving, to housekeeping, laundry, nursing visits, medication set up/monitoring and much more.

   How do you know when your family member needs more help? Download Watching for the Signs to help you identify areas that might be at risk for living safe at home.

   The Adult Services & Aging (ASA) of the SD Department of Human Services- Long Term Services and Supports also has information on which services your family member might be eligible to receive.

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Adult Day Services

   Adult day services can provide a safe environment for you or a loved one for several hours during the day to give relief to a caregiver or allow caregivers to shop or take care of other business while their family member is in a safe home-like atmosphere.

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Hospice Care

   Most people associate hospice and palliative care with dying, when really, it is all about living and improving the quality of life for people who have a terminal illness. Hospice is really a “service,” not a place. A patient can receive hospice care in their own home, a nursing home, a hospital, retirement community or a facility designed just for hospice patients.

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